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Visit the 350 years old local monastery and church. Spend time to admire it’s renaissance style, unique original interior furnishing, the old crypts bellow and also pay a visit to the historical chapel on the top of the cemetery hill.
Horse drawn carriage tours, or in the winter horse drawn slaying on the nearby hills or villages.
We offer tours to the nearby nine villages about 1-3 km apart, including: Nyárádköszvényes , Nyárádremete, Vármező, Jobbágytelke,Hodos, Deményháza, Márkod, Kendő, Nyárádselye.
By request we organize trips to other villages as well, with due notice.
A tour to the nearby mountain of Bekecs can also be organized. From the peak, weather permitting, you can see as far as Marosvásárhely or the Görgényi Mountains. In route to the top, see numerous remains of WWII, such as soldiers’ graves and still easily identifiable trenches.

Horseback Riding
Two or three person groups with a local guide.
About 100 meters from the Panzió, in a gated location next to the Peres creek.
Hiking to the top of the Bekecs
Fishing in the Nyárád river
(with fishing license)
Swimming in the Nyárád river
(not supervised)
(with hunting license)
Can be built separately and enjoyed by the guest or at request can be organized for groups by the personnel.
Gulyjás cooked on open fire
Can be prepared by our staff or on your own.
Organized Trips in air-conditioned bus, to the following locations:
Vármező- to visit the castle ruins, fish at the fish hatchery or simply enjoy fresh trout prepared on the spot.
Szováta- to swim in the famous salt water Bear Lake, enjoy numerous different health spas and treatments or simply go for a walk on the numerous trails.
The Bucsin
Parajd- to visit the salt mine, enjoy the salty water bath and see entire mountains formed naturally of salt.
Gyilkostó- a famous lake known as the “murderous lake”
Békási Cove- home to numerous plants not found anywhere else and of natural beauty that is hard to describe
Teleki Téka (Marosvásárhely)-more then 200 years old library   
Marosvécs-i Kemény castle - Vass Albert Memorial

On special request we will organize other trips as well but please advise as soon as possible so we may make arrangements accordingly.

Special Events
Mikházi Csűrszinházi Napok: Numerous theatrical presentation put on by the actors from nearby cities, lasting from three days to one week.
Jobbágytelki Néptánc tabor: Dancing camp in nearby Jobbagytelke with dancers from near and far performing
Szent Itsván napi templom búcsú: The day when most descendant of Mikháza return home and celebrate a day dedicated to the Monastery’s Protecting Saint St. Stephen of Hungary.
Vármezei Áfonya Fesztivál-traditional blueberry festival
Szüreti Bál: Traditional ball organized by the youth of the community to celebrate the grape harvest

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